HOT DEAL: Nexus 6P and 5X Verus Cases As Low As $2

Looking at the images of the case on Amazon and the article's images, there could be a problem. But since they aren't shipping yet, I HOPE the one I receive will be correct. Otherwise, well it was only $2.00
I see the differences between Google's cases and the ones being sold. Hope they fix their mistakes.

I haz a dremel and knoes how to use it!!!

**this case already has amazon bad reviews pointing out the issue.
When the Note 4 first came out, case makers apparently didn't realize that the AT&T & VZW variants had the mic in slightly different places. Spigen sent several of us new tpu parts of our cases with an elongated hole that took care of the issue.

Like you said, hopefully they'll fix the mistake before shipping.