Horrific WiFi speeds - Droid X bug


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Aug 4, 2010
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Hi all. Perhaps this is STILL occurring even after the update. I hope 2.2 will fix this. Anyone have have this problem??

I have excellent speeds, test wise, on my WiFi connection. FAR higher than 3G. However, the Wifi constantly hangs, disconnects, and is extremely unreliable. I have tried switching between b/g/n, encryption modes, channels, WMM..everything. It is the phone.

I got it 3 days ago, and quite frankly I am kind of pissed. This is the only thing wrong with it; but its quite significant. Literally, the wifi on this brand new phone is borderline unusable. Even with excellent connection status and 11000kbps down. I dont get it. My laptops/xbox/ipod all work FINE. I can only hope the Froyo release will fix this..does anyone know if it will???
They say it might be, but I think it is more us hoping that it will be.
So I think I jinxed myself, got home tonight and my wifi was spotty again. Lame
Well, at least on the good side 3g on the ex is exceptionally fast... .but wifi should be faster! !
I called motorola and they were basically NO help whatsoever. Granted, I am sure the tech's didn't know much from the top anyway. I don't feel like I ever get help from tech support these days. Granted I majored in computer engineering at Purdue, but you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is dramatically wrong with the software.

I basically told the tech guy I tried everything including router resets, 802.11 modes, encryptions, phone factory resets, my home network, my girlfriends network, my work network, my schools network, random networks, etc, etc and NOTHING is working. The best he could say is 'there is an update 2.2 coming soon, wait for that it might help'. No explicit mention of it actually fixing it, just 'it might'....

we'll see....I am a patient person and not a BIG deal since quite honestly 3G is very, very fast and reliable..however...****in frustrating for a $199 phone that is an incredible device; if only itll work! haha.

and FWIW, he said 2.2 was due in few weeks. I tried to grill him.
I very disappointed with the WiFi speeds on the X. I haven't had any trouble maintaining a connection, but then again I haven't used the wifi enough to establish anything in that regard. What I have done is a number of side by side tests with my Droid 1. And regardless of whether the my router is outputting in mixed mode, greenfield, B/G/N, G/N, or N only, the speeds with the X never come close to those on Droid 1.

Data below.

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In the list of things that 2.2 is addressing I see nothing in there about WiFi. Check for yourself, maybe I missed it.


I think that people expect too much out of some of these updates. Remember, we are only going from 2.1 to 2.2. Granted it's Google so the usual rules don't apply.

Plus they have been planning Froyo for some time now and this wifi issue is new so doubtful they went back and threw in another fix. I am guessing they will address wifi in another release after Froyo.
I just ran a test on my X and I got around 3mb per sec, tho when I use it, it goes as fast as my laptop or desktop.

never had a problem with the speed or connecting.

tho if I can get my download speed up, I wouldn't be against it.
I just ran tests from the speedtest.net app and then from the website on my desktop. My results are practically identical and I'm using G.
[video=youtube;dYQ-b0LFsB4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYQ-b0LFsB4]YouTube - ‪Motorola Droid X WiFi Problems demonstrated‬‎[/video]

demonstrating my issue.

interestingly, today at the mall it worked flawlessly on the public wifi. wtf? Either way, SOMETHING is wrong. I just dont know what. it is beyond me. I have more important things to worry about than fixing my droids Wifi. Tho, It is extremely agitating. I hope it will be fixed. I am ALMOST tempted to buy a cheap router from WalMart and see what happens. For the record I am using a Netgear WNR2000, which supposedly has a LOT of problems with newer N devices, of which the Droid X falls into.

Good luck
The issue lies with WPA2 AES encryption. I set my DIR-655 to WPA/TKIP and it works flawlessly on Auto B/G/N.
One thing I immediately notice is that your 3G symbol stays on even when youre connected over wifi. My 3G turns off and disappears when connected to my home network. Hopefully that helps you out a bit. As a side note, im using WPA2 encryption on a netgear router on G.
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