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Nov 12, 2012
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Horoscope Pro is one of the most accurate and interesting horoscope apps which can help you keep your friends close.

Check your complete horoscopes for yesterday, today, tomorrow and keep an eye on your horoscope of the week and your month horoscope which is automatically downloaded when connected and then you can check them at any time without any limitations!

The most interesting function is that you can import your friends birthdays from Facebook, then check who is your most compatible people everyday and send your best wishes to them. Enter your name and get your daily tarot reading, Horoscope is the horoscope application you must have to start your day. Try it now!

Get it from the Google Play for free:

Please share your first impressions: what would you improve, what do you like? If any troubles appear, share them here as well. We would love to get the feedback

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