Hook it up in the Car?


Jun 25, 2010
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I can hook my X straight into my car get calls and listen to music. The manufacturer of the car has a hook up so you can get your email, stream music and play Pandora along with changing stations and making calls. Problem is, it's for a iPhone. Is there a way to plug a Droid with a 3.5 or the USB into a iPhone plug? I need some sort of adapter but don't have any idea.
From what i understand personally, there is NO support for a Droid hook up in cars. ONLY iphones.... it's a long story but I've been researching this for a very long time now. Countless hours since I need a hook up for my AVRCP profile to work. Again, long story.
My aftermarket Kenwood is paired with my X. I can start, stop, advance and backtrack the songs in the X using my Kenwood's controls. I can also read and send sms through the Kenwood as well as accept and initiate calls. This from a unit purchased in Oct of 2008.
I drive a 2011 MazdaSpeed 3 and there is no hook up

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It's an integrated system with separate nav and can't easily be swapped with aftrrmarket

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