Home Launcher that won't render my Razr useless

Go Launcher doesn't appear to be a memory hog on mine. I just got it last night and am loving it. I really dislike the ugliness of the Blur icons. Now I have the most of them on the launcher bar! I haven't experimented with skins/themes yet.
I have been using adw ex since my DX and now on my Razr. Works flawlessly.

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I used to use GO Launcher but decided to switch to ADW because GO's permission requirements are intrusive. GO also took ADW's code and extended it without releasing their changes or even thanking ADW. I don't trust GO.
Go launcher is great. I used launcherPro on my og droid but this is way better.

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Loving go launcher, coming from launcher pro on my og Droid, but can't get the stock contacts widget to work with it?
Anyone else have this problem or figure it out?
Go launcher seems to be a memory hog sometimes. It gets up to 35mb sometimes higher

Yeah tried go nd adw ex went back to stock?? I never use stock anything cept on the razr i dont mind it at all. Even my tab is romd lol

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You can also try zeam launcher and 91 panda. Zeam is what i use, its a minimalist style and is really fast.