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Jan 16, 2011
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Why does this feel so much like alcohol/drug class. My name is Courtdog, and I'm here today because I have this addiction I'm addicted to Droid. I uh, used to have an iPod Touch and my girlfriend accidentally drove off with it still on the roof of the car. (it really was an accident) Anywayz, before that happened, a friend of mine found this Droid 1 at a train station and sold it to me for about $30 worth of crack cocaine (I'm joking) But yes, he did sell it for $30. I just kid him often about it saying he must of needed the money for crack. The guy who sold it to me NOW realizes he was an idiot for letting it go for that cheap. Anyway, after that happened. I decided to see if I could get the Droid to act as my replacement to my iPod Touch. After learning how to bypass the activation screen/etc. I got it working Learned a little about adding programs (never rooted it) And now I can say that the Droid 1 easily takes a large crap on an iPod Touch I will never go back to an iPod even if the iPhone 4 appears like a sexy broad. I joined this site because my phone appears to be stuck in bootloader even though I never put a bootloader on the phone. One thing I have done is I used the same memory card I was using in a Sylvania Tablet. And I had andRoot on that. Maybe that is why I'm having my problem? I've posted this issue in the Rescue part of this forum, waiting for a reply there I guess. But that is my story, and that is why I am a member of this site now. BUT, I plan on becoming a regular member here. Thats about it, hope we can all help each other in the near future!!!
Welcome to the forum. Yes this place is very much like rehab except we do not expect you to give up your addiction. We actually try to promote the addiction................hahahaha So welcome, come on in and enjoy your stay. We are glad to have you with us.
welcome to rehab hahaha. yes it is captivating and very intriguing on all the recent technology features it has to offer now. have fun...

Aloha from Hawaii ... Droid 2 Global