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Mar 13, 2011
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Thought I'd stop and introduce myself. Awhile ago I acquired my first smart phone and the first droid the droid 2. Been wonderful so far.

Just giving some background to what happened. The phone itself works completely at the moment just wondering if it's worth keeping or waiting for the replacement.

Yesterday I was doing some work in a flooded cellar and did a dumb thing with a smart phone. I neglected to leave it behind while I was removing water logged sections of carpet and it got wet. Not submerged or anything it was just in the pocket of some pants that got soaking wet. I got the usb loader screen and after about 10 minutes I did the number one thing I shouldn't have. I powered it on.

But it worked... sort of. Stayed on for about 2 minutes but batt was low. I couldn't get any service and the date was wrong 1969 actually but I could browse the web as long as I connected to wifi with it.Took battery out put it in a dry area for a few hours. I was able to recharge it to about 50. Same thing as before no service but everything else worked. I tried reprogramming with my carrier but that failed so I filed a claim since I had insurance and ordered the Droid 2 Global.

Well funny thing about 10 hours later after I once again separated the battery from it and declared it dead for laughs I powered it on and lo and behold service was found and EVERYTHING works. Didn't even bother with rice or desiccant packets just time did the trick. All this happened after I filed the claim of course.

Not sure if I can or should reverse the charges (it was a substantial deductible) since I'm not sure if I should even bother keeping the phone after it came back to life. I mean it works but there might be other damage done I haven't found yet. What's the average user experience with water damaged "dead phones" that start working again? Am I on borrowed time? Thanks for any help/advice.
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Nov 15, 2009
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Welcome to the forum!!!
I say go with the D2G. You never know what could be damaged with the wet one. It's a nice upgrade and I think you'll be happy with it.

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Nov 27, 2010
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welcome to the forum! if u like touch and u have fat fingers, go with the X. if u like both touch and keyboard, any of the D2. I have the Global and has best of both worlds. either way the phones are customizable to ur needs, try them all out in the stores
good luck

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