here's how to get adobe flash player


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Dec 16, 2011
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I don't know if this has been covered, to get adobe flash player, google adobe flash archive, should be first result , click on it, scroll down to android 4.0 and click on newest version at top, after download install, you now have flash
A sister site had this list which should help.

Adobe Downloads
Flash Player for Android 4.X archives

Flash Player for Android 2.x & 3.x archives

Fantastic thought was not possible works a treat, great find.:clap:
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I keep getting a message of download unsuccessful. Can anybody help me get adobe flash player on my galaxy note 2.
I have better luck with downloads of larger files by downloading them to my computer first then copying them over.
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Sweet thanks there were web sites were I needed flash although I cant find them now to try it out lol but again thanks

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Yay I can see the ad although it went left to right on mine

Edit: only seems to work with stock web browser rats.

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To bad it doesnt work with chrome.

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