Help with video steaming on droid


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Aug 11, 2010
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Just installed bbv0.4 and flash recently on my droid and im enjoying it so far . Everything seems to be working pretty well but I'm having problems with streaming videos from a few sites . One in particular is . I can get the first 5 seconds to load up and play but then I keep getting an error message that says error #2036, unable to load resources . I went and changed my uastring to desktop thinking it might be because of my device but that didn't help any . Not to sure where to go from here . Maybe its an unsupported file type or maybe it requires a certain plug in ? Maybe someone could head over to that site and see if they have any luck . Sure would be awesome to watch a few flicks on there though ! And any updates on a vlc player for android ? I'm still new at this so I appreciate the help .