Help with Motorola and unlocking


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Dec 11, 2014
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Ok so here is my problem. hope people here can help me or suggest me a solution asap. I live in India. I was on a trip to United States and i bought Moto X first gen from Atnt store near dallas, TX. As i was not a US citizen i could only get Go phone service rather then their regular ones. So i paid full price for phone and used it with Atnt network there for a month. a month later i was back to India and will be here for next year or so. i contacted Motorola customer service to unlock my phone as i had paid full price on which i got a reply that i should contact Atnt and not them, they cannot help. so i contacted Atnt. they said to wait 6 months for applying for unlock. so after six months ( i bought the phone in march 2014) i try to request unlock through there site and it says not in their database. so i contact customer service to which they tell me as my phone number was not active for 4-5 months now so it has been deactivated and passed on to different customer. so phone number linked to my device is no more which is why it does not show in database and will not till i go there and buy new number to link my device to and request again. which is highly unlikely as i have a work here which i cannot leave and even if i just decide to make a trip for my phone it will cost me 3 times the phone's cost (full price i mean) nor i have someone there in States to send my phone to so they can go through the process not to forget sending phone there and other transport cost etc etc. so no official way, Atnt left me hanging. next step as usually people do i go to unlock site. i used site called to which i paid around 25 USD and waited for 2 weeks. they provided me with pins 2 from atnt in 3 days and 2 from motorola in 14 days. none worked. they said they will refund me and has been 3 months now still nothing. they say issue in their financial department. that i will have to be patient. so you see i lost faith in this type of sites too. not willing to try others unless i know i will get my phone unlock or my money back. so what i want to know is, is there any way i can get my phone unlock. if so how?! can i root my device and get it unlock?! any other method. please do let me know. cause i do not want my 450 USD go to waste seeing it as just a phone which i cannot use as phone but just to play games on. and sorry if i am a noob for asking this and if this is a wrong place as well. i am a noob. please do help if you can. thank you.