Help with Droid Razor!!


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Dec 2, 2011
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Had phone set up but thought I had to enter my aol account again because it was not showing my mail when I pressed on the envelope to bring it up. I was using the gmail envelope for the gmail and the other mail envelope for my aol account. All of a sudden when I would press on the regular envelope that is supposed to pop up my aol it started showing my gmail inbox. Not sure why? I added aol account again and it ended up bringing up the messaging app and had all acounts listed there . . . when I press on them it gives me a log in screen and when I try and log in it says "invalid user status" for gmail and aol accounts. What does this mean? Do I need this universal inbox? Also is it normal to have your gmail account and also your same gmail account next to the g- google symbol listed under accounts or can I get rid of the one with the google symbol in front of it? How can I delete one of the Aol accounts - when I try to remove it will also give me the message of invalid user status. It also does this under settings> Accounts> with each account it will bring up sign in screen and have you enter password and comes back with invalid user status. Frustrated!!! This phone keeps making changes by itself !!!! Goes to silent mode :/ Am really perturbed. . . can anyone help?? Thanks
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