Help with deodexed rom, bidi support and adb


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Feb 17, 2011
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I've installed the fisson rom, which is very nice but I've missed some stuff like the voice commands that did not work or the hardware connected popup whenever I've plagued the USB in.

In the Fisson Rom Manager there is also a rom called D2_Global_OEM_RBDZ - which is deodexed. I've installed it, it went fine and now I've got back the Vz rom.

I've needed to do some fixes in framework.jar, those fixes enable bidi support and enable Hebrew and Arabic languages that are read from right to left.

When I've patched the framework.jar and than adb pushed it back to the device on the fisson rom, it worked fine, but doing the same action on the OEM VZ rom did nothing - and the bidi support was not applied.

I'm guessing that on first boot the system creates odex cash or something but I have no idea whats going on there. Does any one have a clue?