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Jan 25, 2012
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Hello. I have used Titanium backup for years and SWORE by it. Well, I now have a samsung galaxy nexus with no SD card slot. I discovered the very, VERY hard and painful way that Titanium Backup Pro DOES NOT copy over pictures or music or created folders. I literally lost almost 10 years of pictures in seconds.

From what I can determine a Nandroid or NAND backup also DOES NOT backup these files.

I want an app, that for a rooted user, can backup EVERYTHING, system, apps, app data, sms, mms, photos, music, videos, EVRYTHING.

Does one exist, or am I stuck using a combination of a Nandroid Backup, Titanium Backup, and copy all directories off the phone?

In essence, the next time I need a warranty replacement, I want to be able to root, and flash all info from old phone onto the new phone.

I either backup backup everything to my computer. Or use apps like Dropbox or Minus for pictures & music.

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Argh, such a pain. But I guess it will have to do for now. If I had any programming skills I would make one.
I do what CJM does and more. I backup my backup to my PC. After doing that I backup all my pics/videos to Google+ (Instant Upload makes it easy, but I know some are against this). And just to be sure I backup my media to my PC which is then backed up to my backup hdd. Yeah I know it's alot :D

I've flashed multiple ROMs and used Titanium Backup throughout the process and never lost my pics/videos though. Did the standard clear the data/cache/dalvik cache and never lost any pics/videos in the gallery app.