Help returning OG Droid to unrooted stock Gingerbread and stock kernels


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Aug 10, 2010
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Need help returning my OG Droid back to stock (ROM/Kernel/unrooted/etc)
I originally rooted with the now gone EasyRoot (I believe the current thing out is Z4Root).

Need step by step (if not a one step solution) directions to unroot phone and return to current stock Gingerbread (I assume it has come to the OG by now). I dont think I saved a stock backup. Last one showing in Clockwork is FRG22D (which a believe was a stock ROM for rooted users). Getting the Bionic this week and need to retuen everything to stock in case I sell the ol' OG.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Current setup:

Ultimate Droid 3.3.1 (Android Version 2.3.3)
Kernel ChevyNo1 uLow 1.25Ghz
Baseband Version: C_01.43.01P
Build Number: GRI40
No stock gingerbread for ogd so far as I know.

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Since you are running a custom rom and kernel, to my knowledge the only way to get back to stock is to do an sbf. I haven't had an og in like two years but that is what I had to do with my Droid x.

Just to clarify, you would have to find the sbf for froyo, flash it using rsd lite with a cpu, and then accept the ota update to get back to gb.

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Gingerbread was never released for og. There maybe a froyo kernel with a gingerbread overlay.

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Just find user 'teddyearp' he has an full file for Froyo, FRG22G, the latest Droid OS.

It is a signed VZW ota file

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