Help - prob with getting SDK/DDMS.bat to recognize phone


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Dec 9, 2010
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***Solved - See replies***

Hello - I'm new to this but detail oriented and have searched everywhere already for an answer. I'm trying to set up the Android SDK and use DDMS.bat to get screen captures from my Droid ERIS. The problem I am having is that I cannot get the device to show up in the DDMS window. Here are some other things that I have done (and a couple of notes about things that have confused me and therefore may be the source of the problem).

* I am running on Windows XP.
* I have installed the latest Java JDK and the Android SDK. In the process of installing the Android SDK it confirmed that the Java JDK is good.
* When I installed the Android SDK, I accepted/installed all of the packages I could find.
* I have connected the Droid to the PC with a USB cable.
* I have set the phone's USB debugging mode (Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging checked)
* The phone shows up, when connected, as a USB device in Windows Explorer (not sure if it should or not).
* I have set my Path environment variable to include the SDK tools and platform-tools directories.
* DDMS.bat runs fine (no errors), but the device is not showing up in the left window despite being connected and in debug mode.

Now for the couple things that have confused me:
1. When I downloaded and unzipped the Android SDK, I expected to see a file called SDK Setup.exe, since all the stuff I have read says that is what you should run. There is no such file in the current download. There is one called SDK Manager.exe, which I used to install the packages/tools, etc. I assume this is just a recent change and not a problem.
2. I also expected to see a package in the "Android Repository" that was labeled USB Device Driver...I did find something like that, but it was under Third Party Add-Ons>Google Add-ons. Again, I'm unsure if this is just a new thing...but perhaps I've got the device configured wrong. Maybe I don't have the right USB driver??? But I can't find any other.

Thanks for any help or advice that someone can give...I need to get screen captures and it seems like I'm very close!
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Further information. The Droid is being recognized in Windows Device Manager under the category Disk Drives as HTC Android Phone USB Device. I tried uninstalling this device, then when I reattached the Droid to the computer, I manually selected the location for the driver (the google-usb_driver directory in the SDK download). It then said that the file (andriod_winusb.inf) did not contain information regarding this device. Not sure if that is going to help...but more information in any case.
I ended up solving this by going to the HTC developer site and downloading the USB package from that site...there were two drivers there and one of them worked (while the one loaded from the Android developer site did not).