Help phone is crazy


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Nov 5, 2010
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Hi after a call my phone screen goes blank and stays off,nothing responds can't even power down only thing the wakes it is 1.bat pull 2.plug in charger,strange thing though while using Bluetooth no prob, tried doing fact reset but that's all I know,any ideas,thank you

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it sounds like you may have an issue with your proximity sensor. If a factory reset doesn't fix it, then I would take it in to VZW. If you can replicate the problem in store you can get a replacement on the spot.

First though...make sure the area around the prox sensors are clean. if there's some fingerprints or grime over them it could cause this as well.
I had the same problem and had done some research and learned about "proximity sensor" issues. Took mine to Verizon and then saw the same issue--asked about my screen protector and if I'd gotten it from them (I had). Took it off and HURRAH--all is working correctly. Reportedly the upper left is where the sensor is and they found out their old screen protectors messed with the sensor. Put on a new one but didn't run it up to the top and phone works fine. Try it.
Yes it is a sensor problem,thank you for taking the time to reply.It was my 2nd replacment phone,good thing I got the insurance.This phones battery last twice as long as the others,so I really didn't want to turn it in.They are going to be upgrading me to a new Droid 2 free of charge,again thank you for your help

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