HELP! No signal after screen replacement?!


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May 3, 2010
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I replaced my screen a few days ago. Worked out fine. Today, I noticed some dust inside. Took it apart to clean it. Put it back together, and there is NO cell signal at all on my phone. It's even asking me to pick what time zone I'm in because it can't figure it out. What can I do? I took it apart AGAIN, unhooked and then rehooked in the ribbon cables, but still no signal :\ where in the phone is the antenna? Please help!
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Did you have a signal after you initially replaced the screen? If so, my sense is the you have a connection crossed or crimped.
Yeah, I had signal up until I just cleaned the screen and reconnected it... do you know which ribbon cable or connector is for the antenna? Where the antenna is? I mean I pulled the connections again and hooked them back in a second time and still nothing.. WiFi and everything else on the phone works fine

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Sorry, I do not know what ribbon is the antenna. My sense is you have something crossed or not fully connected
What do you mean by crossed? Like plugged into the wrong connector?
I was following how-to videos on youtube before. It's pretty straight-forward, there are only 3 ribbon cables to attach besides the one in the trackpad. Everything on the phone works perfectly fine besides the signal so I don't think it's that :\. Soft-buttons work, touch screen works, wifi, battery, track pad. I just took it apart and reconnected things 2 more times, still no dice!
Maybe it's a ROM issue, I'm gonna try to restore an old backup in ROM Manager
Well that wasn't it... Looking like I really messed up my phone and my contract isnt up till 2012..


Could fingerprints on the ribbon cable play a part? I definitely had my grimey fingers allover them.. Could cleaning them with rubbing alcohol be a decent idea?
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Nope, didn't work either. Well, crap
I do not have any ideas, sorry.

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Looks like I'm ordering a thunderbolt xD. Better phone but after spending 30 bucks on a replacement screen for my incredible, it's quite frustrating!