Incredible digitizer replacement problems, screen does not turn on


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May 17, 2011
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I recently cracked my HTC Incredible's digitizer pretty badly and bought a replacement digitizer and front housing from eBay. I followed: [video=youtube;lr4uy9yKqIE]]YouTube - ‪HTC Droid Incredible Disassemble Take Apart Repair Guide‬‏[/video] replaced the screen and put it back together. Now when I turn the power on the phone it vibrates like a normal startup but the LCD screen never turns on. I have checked the 4 ribbon cables many times and they look to be fine. Any other ideas of what I could try?

Thank you!
I had to buy a new screen, the old one stopped working.
replaced droid 2 glass, phone wont power on

hi i replaced the front glass on my droid 2 a955. its in and went together pretty good. i just cant get it to power back on. i swaped the camera and power buttons around just to be sure they werent in the wrong place. they are fine. i plug the phone in and the moto m symbol shows up but that is it. i cant get it to power on now... what do i need to do