(HELP NEEDED) Rooting the Incredible?



I just got my girlfriend the Droid Incredible yesterday, retunred that POS LG ALLY. She's not a phone fanatic like me, so she wont be changing Roms everyday. I just want to clean it up for her, remove some bloatware, speed it up, give her more battery life, etc. I know there's probably a 1000 threads about rooting the Incredible, so I do apologize, with my son and work it's very hard to search through all these topics.

I'm just curious where to begin? What is the best root method, what does S-OFF S-ON mean and so on? I'm guessing the best root method is unrEVOked, but there is a unrEVOked Forever and unrEVOked 3.22? I wish there was a F.A.Q w/ all this info. I have my Droid X rooted but it was a lot easier than this, all I did was use Z4Root and w/ 1 click I was rooted. This seems like a lot? :icon_eek:

Rooting stock 2.2 using unrEVOked 3.22

Any information or help you guys can give me would be appreciated! :)
The tutorial you already have is the easiest method to root the DInc.

I signed up over at the correct forum for these questions. Incredible Forums. Thanks.
Just read the tut. over and over and make sure you do it right and dont mess up like me ;p
that tutorial worked great for me this weekend. was a piece of cake.
Brochaos, glad to hear the tutorial made things easier for you! If you have any suggestions about how to improve it, however, please let me know. And bud, we'll take care of you in either location but registering at IF was a great move- lots of helpful people over there too.