HELP! My Facebook App isn't working. :(

FB Issues...

Ah yes, seems as if I am having the same problem today. Don't worry, I'm calm. It'll get fixed soon I'm sure. :icon_cool:
Okay everybody, deep breath.............. its not your phones. Facebook apparently went down sometime last night. Probably while they were updating their security settings. Hopefully soon we will either get an update to the app or the app will start to work again. In the meantime you can get your Facebook fix by going to Facebook through the browser.
Don't you just love the "wtf, I just got this phone and now it's already broken!" posts?
It's pretty funny how friendstream is working on my DI but no the native app.
A little patience folks. Mine has been doing the same thing for last 2 days as well. It has happened before and it usually resolved itself in 24-48 hours.
Mine has the same issue, I uninstalled and re-installed and still the same freaking error!! :(