Help me make the transition from iPhone to the S3 please! - Syncing solutions


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Dec 31, 2012
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How’s it going,
Today I’m switching over from an iPhone to a Galaxy S3. I was wondering what would be the simplest way to transfer things over from my iPhone to the S3 such as contacts, pics and if even possible text messages. I am using a MacBook Pro

I am used to iTunes for my backing up and syncing music. I use iPhoto to take pictures off my iPhone and sync them to my computer.

I was also wondering if there was a simple alternative to iCloud, using an app for everything to sync up wirelessly between my MacBook and S3 such as email, bookmarks, calendar events and new music added in my playlists.

Any advice is welcomed whether if it’s a cool app, tweak or helping me adjust.
I am planning to root my S3 so any apps or tweaks that require rooting are as well welcomed.