Help for the new guy haha...


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Jun 17, 2010
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First off I'd like to say what an awesome forum this is. I have learned so much, I'm so glad i stumbled upont this forum. Once i started reading i was like wow i should sign up. anywayyyy...

I ordered my Droid Incredible June 5th so i should be getting it soon (hopefully before the 26th because thats when i go on vacation for a week!) so i have been hearing a lot about the battery and should you charge it for 24 hours, should you not drain it, you need to get the app killers, which the best battery app is. still not sure about any of those things. I heard that the voltage one is better the graph app?? idk?

also...from what ive managed to gather from the hundreds of pages on this forum i feel like my best bet it to go on ebay too order an extra battery along with a charger to charge the spare battery and a car charger (its a combo package). along with that i was going to get the Innocell 1750mAh Slim Extended Life Battery because it adds no thickness to the phone.

any thoughts, everyones help is appreciated!


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Jan 15, 2010
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South FL
Copied my response from you intro thread:

Keeping in mind that every phone is different and every user has different needs it is difficult to say how your phone and battery will react. Heat seems to be the biggest drain on batteries. Use causes heat. To-date, I've not have any issues with my battery. I charge my phone once a day and that works for me. Options, purchase a second battery, car charger, wall or dock charger.

If you travel a lot then get a car charger now but wait until you get your phone to see how things go then get the extras.