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Jan 22, 2011
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I am brand new here and I see that this forum is choc full of information for the Droid. My husband just got the Droid Incredible, great phone. Here's my issue (?) - We have had a gmail account for a while, in fact I have a couple gmail accounts, one for work purposes. I entered one of the gmail accounts on his phone and for some ODD reason, ALL of the contacts from my work email is somehow on the other gmail account and now on my husbands phone. He has numbers on his phone that he needs AND the ones from my work. How do I keep his numbers and delete my numbers BUT sync to his gmail contacts?

I guess my question would be is..can you go from the phone to internet contacts? (take the contacts from his phone to the contacts online?)

Any help appreciated.
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Nov 30, 2009
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I don't quite get what you're saying. What I think you're saying is you have 2 separate Gmail accounts yet somehow contacts from the one gmail account is appearing on both.

When you got the phone were you at a Verizon Store? Did a "helpful" employee set up the contacts? I'm thinking that they did it using Verizon's backup assistant and put the wrong numbers on the phone. Then once Gmail synced they were transferred to his gmail account.

The only thing I can think of is to go on line with a computer, go to Gmail and then check each one of the contacts you don't want and delete them.