HELP: at BAMF GB 3.0, want to go back to....


Apr 26, 2010
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So I've flashed to BAMF Sense 3.0 and the MR2.5 radio (,0.0169.069.0602w_1)
I'm not super impressed by Sense, and want to go back to Das BAMF Remix. Do I need to change my radio version back or can I just flash the ROM?
Im a little fuzzy on which to do first Ive seen posts showing it done both ways.last one i did was rom then radio
this is a radio list I found at XDA...[RADIO] The Obligatory Thunderbolt Radio Thread - xda-developers

I think the 1.13.605.7. radio is the one your looking for

Download Rom Manager and open, flash clockwork recovery,
Put the Rom of your choice (named,
and the radio (named on the root (not in any folders) of your sdcard,
boot to recovery,
make a backup,
when that's done wipe data/factory reset,
install zip from sdcard, choose zip,
find the Rom from the list,
when it's done,
battery pull,
boot phone while holding down on volume,
a white screen will appear and scan for the,
press volume up when it says to update,
reboot when done.
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MR1 doesnt work with Sense 3.0 it requires the MR2 or 2.5 Radio any work on the 2.5 Radio how is it?