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Nov 16, 2010
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I've actually been on the forums for a bit; just didn't register, but now I have!

I ave a Droid Incredible, very happy with it however, like many others, the "challenge" of the battery life is a bit of a thorn in the side. I think I've milking the most out of it I can but that's still a short life i.e. a matter of hours at heavy use.

I rooted the phone about 2 months ago and that was fairly easy and has gone well. I mostly rooted the phone for the purpose of tethering and uploading ROMs/Kernerl's to achieve phone efficiency.

I currently use ROM CM7 RC2...very happy with it and despite being RC, is very stable...and my kernel is IncrediKernel However, i just saw there is a .4 version so am upgrading tonight.

I like both CM and IncrediKernal because of their stability and the fact that the developer's seem to always be improving on their work and both, despite some differing of opions on this site, give me the best performance in terms of speed and battery life.