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Nov 18, 2009
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My son and I heard that Verizon was coming out with something similar to the iPhone. We have been eligible for an upgrade since last summer and have been waiting patiently. I am not usually a patient person but it paid off this time. I got my Droid the morning they came out and loved it so much am buying both my kids the Droid for Christmas, but not waiting of course...both in the mail to us. We had the orange and green envy's and loved those phones but these are by far much better. Have not even began to figure out the capability.:icon_ devil:
what a great mom you are : )

I want some accessories mommy...can you get me some?


Pretty please?

welcome malibugirl : )
Sure, what accessory would you like :) When you have two good kids like mine, they are worth spoiling.
:icon_ banana: Welcome "67malibugirl" to DroidForums :icon_ banana:

What an Awesome Mom, how could you ever have anything but Awesome Kids :p Make yourself at home here, it's all about fun and knowledge. Great to have you here!!!
+1 For the Awesome Mom! Be sure to let them know about this site as well and welcome!