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Nov 23, 2009
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I live in York, PA but I'm from Johnstown, PA
I'm new to these forums and my name is Jess. I'm 20 years old and I'm a tech dork. I'm in school right now to be a digital artist. I'm a nerd.


I'm getting the Droid on Wednesday and I'm just doing some research on the Droid so that I can use it to it's fullest capabilities. Does anyone have any useful advice for me? Or any useful accessory recommendations? Anything anyone has to say in general will most likely be of some use to me so don't be shy...


Nov 7, 2009
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Hi Jess! I am a bit older and basically the mother of a dork your age lol!

There is a FAQ section here in the forums that will be helpful, as well as reading around the posts already here.

Accessories: My observations:
1) The screen protectors are a waste, especially the little peel & stick kind. There actually is a video posted somewhere of someone intentionally mutilating their Droid with keys and so on to show how resilient the screen is-not a scratch.
2) Get a case of some sort. I heard about some folks with the black snap-on cases having issues with the case being too thick and rubbing off the letters on their keyboard. I like the pouch case (I think it may be leather) I got from Verizon with a belt clip. DO NOT use a case with magnets (mine has velcro).
3) I hope Santa brings me the Home dock and the Car dock. The home dock I could live without. But using the GPS thing is a little cumbersome without a dock depending how your dashboard/console is arranged.
4) The AC charger comes with the phone. Suggest a car charger.
5) The user "pamphlet" which comes with the phone is useless. The manual posted online at Motorola is slightly more useful but not exceptionally "technical".
6) Allot yourself many many hours to become acquainted and play with your phone.

Others may have different opinions. Welcome aboard!


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Oct 29, 2009
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!!! Welcome Jess to DroidForums !!!

Well phoenixdroid said it all. It's all good advice. We hope you like your time in the forums !! Don't worry, plenty of tech donks here and tech donk wannabe's :p It's Great to have you here Jess !! :icon_ banana: Go have some fun now :icon_ devil: