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Jul 30, 2010
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On 7/20 my phone (Chocolate 3) died. I am using my backup (VX8300) right now. I am eligible for a new every 2 so I started looking and kept looking at the DX but could not justify it because I have my home laptop to access the web. On 7/28 my laptop died (5 yr old Dell, it didn't own me anything.)

I knew then somebody was telling me something. I ordered the DX that night. I got it for $99 which I was real happy with. Yesterday verizon showed it would ship by 8/3 and then this morning it said by 8/11. Since it's been pushed back I'm hoping they might put Froyo before it ships.
This thing is almost as powerful as my laptop.

I've been reading this forum for the past week and making notes about it. Don't pull the battery tag, etc.. The people seem very knowledgeable.

Now I'm thinking about what to put on it. I've been in IT for a while now so I think this is going to be a big jump from my last phone. I already thinking what I want to do with it. It's going to be a lot of fun. I am psyched but have to be patient.
Welcome to the forums! I am sure you will love your phone, i own a droid 1 and couldnt be happier with it. There are many threads about favorite apps/games, check them out. And check out androlib.com, they have the apps on there, and it shows what people are looking at, i see a lot of apps on there that i never would have seen otherwise.