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Aug 12, 2010
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Hi I bought my droid 1 on day 1 at 7:30am
I had a long list of winmo phones prior to going droid
I am super happy w/my droid

some of my favorite things to do with my droid;

- stream music from sd or pandora via bluetooth to my jabra bt3030 connected to headphones or the aux port on my car stereo

- take it for long walks on the beach

- use the navigation to get me where I am going

- amaze people by instantly having an answer to any question thanks to my droid

- fondle it lovingly

p.s. I am registering cause I have a question after I did last weeks update the one that was found at


Now I seem to be having issues;

a few random reboots
youtube reporting no connection when there is a connection
music force closed
goggles force closed

Kinda wonderin' what to do now?

I understand I can't do the 'clean' manual install so I guess I root or ?