Hello all, I'm working to unlock my bootloader but having problems. HELP!!


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Jan 24, 2012
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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and Droids. I do however, know a bit about my old Blackberries but that's old news. I am trying to unlock my bootloader at htcdev.com but I cannot seem to get past their login. I am a member but cannot get anywhere. I have a Htc Vivid that I'm trying to root. Any suggestions? I have an unlocked phone but am told that with droid I need to still unlock my boot loader from HTC. HELP!!!!! Thanks, Gary
Welcome to DF Gary and sorry to hear you are having issues. I don't have any experience with HTC phones so I am not sure how to do what you are trying to do. Hopefully someone else will come along with some more info.
Hello and welcome Gary...

I am not familiar with the HTC Vivid either but we do have a sister site that has an HTC section - you might check over there for some assistance as well...it is www.android.net ....good luck and hope you get the issue resolved!
You can't get past the login screen on htcdev, correct? Did you complete the registration process by going to your email and clicking the activation link?

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Hi, I sure did and I finally got through by using a differentcomputer. I still have no idea why it doesn't like my Dell XPS but I was ableto complete my boot loader unlock and have completed my root WHEW!! Now, I will attempt to figure out how to get around the "to enable Wi-Fi onthis device please call AT&T or dial 611" Message when I try to accessmy Wi-Fi hot spot. I am paying for unlimited data (yes grandfathered in) andcannot use the Wi-Fi feetcher without giving up my unlimited data plan forever. Any ideas?