Have You Turned Off Geotagging?


Feb 1, 2011
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College Park, MD
Hey all, I posted a while back about a project I am doing for my class in regards to smartphone tracking. I'm doing a lot of work with geotagging, and I wanted to take a quick survey. If anyone feels the need to put a reason as to why or why they haven't deactivated geotagging, feel free. Thanks so much in advance
I disabled it on my phone since i don't find it too hard to remember where i took the photos at and don't want some stalker to find out where i took my photos at.. at least not that easily, if they want it, they'll have to work for it a bit.
thanks so much for the reply! if anyone else could just vote really quick i would really appreciate it. I just need some original data for this project and I'm having trouble seeking out people with smartphones on campus. i won't use your username or anything