hardware angle?


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Feb 27, 2012
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I write this to present an idea. My background is computer/electronics hacking. Not good enough to create it
Myself but can follow directions well enough. Psp was a battery pin to allow booting to sd card to install custom firmware. Wii was an exploit to allow unsigned code. Xbox 360 uses efuses so jtag wires used...then glitch chips exploiting the processor came. Dvd and blue ray drives hacked with variety of methods. Soon, custom kernel finally being released for 360.

Nobody is known to possess full keys to 360 yet all is open game now. I read the Vita has exploits already also. The unhackable ps3 fell also. Has anyone truly set out to bypass this locked bootloader crap? Some have clips, others solder, and some have Pcb that comes unlocked yet for these devices we pay for unlimited but get cheated/throttled. Throttling is Stealing from us but legal, yet if we connect a divide to unlimited connection through our phones we pay for option? If all networks were lte I'd drop Verizon. As it is, all data plans are crap. Throttled, service goes out, etc. I keep it as work sees nothing on work computer. Some cool things are there but I believe in open software and devices. We pay insurance, let us get what we supposedly pay for. For now, hoping an uber geek gets this pos hacked.


Oct 7, 2011
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I don't know what your experience is so far, although it sounds rather unpleasant. However, the Bionic, despite its locked bootloader, has been a very positive experience for me thus far. I came from the D1 which was incredibly easy to hack, and the Bionic only took a little bit more reading. Now, I'm running safestrap with Liberty 2.0 and am quite happy. Does the locked bootloader pose a nuisance sometimes? Yes. But I wouldn't go so far as to call the Bionic a POS.

Anyway, that being said, I have no experience to provide with the sort of modification you are talking about. My opinion is that if such a mod requires PCB level physical modification that rules out about 99% of the people here, including myself. Either Moto will come around and unlock it (perhaps after ICS is released) or we just have to deal with it (which hasn't been that big of a deal so far, for me at least).

Regarding the throttling, I agree to a point. You have to remember that carriers are working with a limited bandwidth and that if everyone had unlimited throughput then the system was crash. But that isn't to say that should be the only answer. It's a tough situation, the government limits them with how much airspace they have, so they ultimately have to pass it on to us, the consumer. I'd say lobby government if you want real change. If you just keep yelling at the carriers you likely won't get much response.