Handcent SMS notification lag


Jul 18, 2010
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This problem has been getting worse and worse.

I will get a text and my screen will turn on and show the message. Then, 10-15 seconds later my notification will show up, often after I have already replied.

Sapphire 1.0, droid, launcher pro
I have been getting the same thing. Not sure if it is handcent issue or because I have 2.2
I have been getting the same thing. Not sure if it is handcent issue or because I have 2.2

Word, swollen i'm not alone then, hopefully somone can shed some light on the situation
I've noticed this as well of late, not sure what is causing it..
Anyone around to shed some light on this?
I experience the same thing. Running BB v0.4.. I would love if someone could supply a solution, or at least a reason
Same issue for me! I'm going to email the dev.
This happened to me yesterday when I was testing the notification sound. I don't get many texts, but I can confirmed the same thing happened to me. I'm rooted with FRG22 also.
Wonder if its a dev thing or 2.2 or rom... hmmm

are any of you experiencing this stock?
alright thats good to know, hopefully the dev has some response. if any of you email him, please let us know what the response is
I've been having this issue on my stock droid running 2.1 as well. what is even more annoying is that i haven't even installed the latest handcent update, yet this issue still started plaguing my phone. to be fair, it's not a 10/10 time thing. more like 30% of the time. but i've noticed that it seems to occur in batches. i.e., it will happen to me 4 times in a row if I am texting back and forth with a friend (doesn't matter who, it's happened to me on different occasions while texting different people), then for a few hours it won't happen, then it will start again and last for 3 or 4 texts, then disappear again.
I have the same issue now on Lith - previously on Sapphire 1.0.
Having this same issue on SS 4.7 with Chevy's ULV 1.0 kernel.

It's incredibly annoying, because after the quick reply is sent through the popup, the message notification will appear and linger until you go in and open the message thread.

Has anyone heard back from the dev yet?