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May 13, 2012
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This may seem trivial to some but my Handcent SMS app is no longer displaying the "subject" when I'm in conversation list mode. It just shows a list of the most recent contacts that I've sent/received texts from but no "preview" of the "subject".

When I go into the conversation, everything is there. Also, when I go to the default Messaging app, the subjects show. I haven't made any changes to any Handcent settings.

The reason this is important to me is because there are times when I forget to reply to a text message - and seeing it in my conversation list would remind me to do so.

Thoughts? Ideas?
Under Settings, Custom Style, Conversation List Settings you'll find subject font and subject font color to be options there, I bet the text is just set as the same color as your background color so you are not seeing it. Otherwise, you may try applying a different Skin and see if that helps reset all the color settings. (I think I'm using Sense as my theme, though I've changed most of the colors and set the conversation style so it isn't the silly bubbles) Hope that helps! Also, do you use the notification pop-up? When I have it set to appear over the lock screen I've noticed it now disables the lock screen after you get a message, so I had to set mine to appear under the lock screen to get my lock screen back (in CM10.2 at least) EDIT: So if you set the screen brightness to be normal (bright) and turn on for the pop-up, and also tell it to appear over the lock screen, and check off the "appear over lock screen fix" option under that, it seems to behave properly and not disable the lock screen or cause blank screens for me. This is with the 11/11 nightly of CM10.2 which has been running great, about to try the 11/15 now...
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