Grrater Extended Battery


Jul 25, 2011
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Just curious if any knows if Samsung is working on a more juiced up battery than the 2100mah? When I was using the Thunderbolt HTC released a 2750 which was great.

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Not sure if Samsung is, but I know another company is having a 3000mah+ one? I haven't looked into it, but that's what I heard
Seidio has a 3400mah but IMO it looks ridiculous - it's huge and protrudes at least a quarter inch from the back
I was thinking of getting the Seidio 3800 but I've been burned by them twice never getting anywhere near what was advertised. Not going down that road again.

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Is it 3800, all I know is its gigantic - doubles the size of the phone easily
It is 3800 and you lose NFC functionality.

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