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Jun 24, 2013
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Ok people finally after months of oohing and ahhing ive got my s4 and have also decided to keep it (it was either this or a htc 1)

So i need your help and advice for a decent grippy case for this, for the iphone i had a speck case which was perfect as it protected the phone and had enough grip for me

Because of my work aswell i do need a sturdy ish type of case but noting big and bulky like an ottorbox

So any thoughts plz?
Check out I was the same way, as far as wanting something that would protect my phone wothout having to carry around a brick as a case. I finally compromised with the dropsuit and it's exactly what I wanted. I drop my phone pretty much daily but you would never even know by looking at it and using it. It also has a nice grip with ridges. The other thing that was great was using a coupon code (JP20) and I got 20% knocked off and free shipping.