Grand Battle strongest secret strategy


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Feb 5, 2013
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Amazing way to kill NPC :
The bases of other players are much more difficult to destroy than NPC as they has more stronger defenses, population and resources. However, in order to have a bright future, let's fight with NPC first!
First lure the enemy forces out of the defense wall and out of shooting range of the Gun Turret. Then dispatch helicopter to destroy them. After that, try to dismantle the towers if there's no enemy forces to be lured out.Use helicopter to tear down mortar tower. If there's great danger, use V3 to destroy Gun Turret and mortar tower. With one more attack, you can retreat successfully .

Perfect way to store and protect resources :
we can't emphasize the importance of storing resources in the battlefield too much. Here is the way how to reserve and arrange resources.
You can upgrade constructions with all the extra resources so that enemies won't plunder much even they try all their best to attack. If there are still too much resources left, you can also upgrade arms using up all the resources. You can even cancel the upgrading if there's any need. In this way, the resources will be returned back to you directly and no enemies are able to rob from you either. Sounds interesting? Try it out!!


Attributes of the full star rifleman :
Full star in this game is what almost every player wants to get. So let's first take a look at the attributes of the full star rifleman.
Dispatching full star riflemen without worrying about any potential loss. As long as the enemies are destroyed, everything will be compensated. Raptor plus rifleman are the invincible match to landmines. They can even kill the 25 or 26 level players.
The attack sequence is using aircraft to attack airfield first. Then using riflemen and full star Suicide Bomber to first assault Gun Turret and then land on aircraft. If you want to bulldoze the base, don't attack the electronic plant at the beginning.
Using riflemen to lure tank and ground missile. Riflemen are used to step on mines. Players should bring the role of riflemen into full play as riflemen can not only lure fire power, resist landmines, but also can be used to storm enemies.

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