Grand Battle Again Featured On Google Play


Sep 17, 2013
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Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War, which is developed by Ricky Yang from Mangolee Inc, has been again featured on the index of Google Play page Preview for Battle among up to 51 countries across the world . Before,Grand Battle has been chosen by Editors for three times since released. Grand Battle is inconspicuous popularity among Android war games, you can be addicted to the game with its surprisingly deep, fun, and well guided mobile RTS experience provided you are a real war fan.

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Based on the background of World War II, Grand Battle offers you the full gameplay of historical military battle. From building your army and base to attacking enemies and setting the defense system, you need to do your missions step by step.

The subject of Grand Battle is to attack the enemies to be the most powerful in the server. In the start, you need to collect enough resources(Oil and Metal) to build and upgrade the soldiers, tanks, building covering Mortar Tower and more. Strategies are needed to decide which build to upgrade, how to attack enemies and NPC battle and such the things. When you are in or up level 8, you can apply to join in an Alliance to challenge the Alliance battle. Coming with the endless challenges, lifelike war scenes and realistic military elements, players can get excited and honored when he play it.

Grand Battle is totally free to play and you can easily upgrade to level 10 with the beginner rewards 107 medals. Time or Money, this is the only question that Grand Battle gives to you. If you cannot wait to be strong, then you need to purchase the medals.

Grand Battle on Google Play: