GPS toggles off when app no longer in focus

Jul 18, 2010
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rooted Droid X. *no modifications made

Sorry if this has been discussed - i couldn't find anything directly on topic.

GPS has been turning itself off whenever the app using GPS is no longer in 'focus'. *It sometimes toggles off seconds after I turn it on - while still looking at the location settings.

This results in 'GPS Signal Lost' notifications whenever a txt message is received, the phone rings, I switch from Nav to anything else, etc. *I often have to exit Nav, restart GPS (see above - it sometimes shuts right back down), and relaunch Nav. *And sometimes, when I switch from location settings to Nav, the GPS shuts down and the whole process restarts.

Battery Management set to 'performance', or whatever it's actually called.

Rebooting seems to be the only thing that allows me to get Nav locked in. *If I forget to launch Mixzing or Audible prior to starting Nav, GPS shuts down as soon as I try to launch the next app (see above). *So rebooting allows me to follow a specific application launch order and get Nav working. *Not exactly a 'fix'.

I do not remember this always being the case. *thankfully. * :)