GPS problem


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Oct 24, 2013
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Hi all :)

Hope someone can guide me on this.

I have just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Young phone (2013 model with NFC). But there is something wrong with the GPS. To get the error, I do the following:

1. Open an app which uses the GPS, wait till it finds the position, then close the app
2. Open again an app which uses the GPS (doesn't matter if it's the same or another one), wait for position, then close the app
3. Yet again, open an app which uses the GPS. And the problem: This time it can't find the position (or more correctly, it needs from ten minutes to half an hour or more to find the position again)

A very few times (maybe 10% of the times) it works like a charm, but most of the time I get the error described above. "Clear AGPS cache" sometimes resolve the error, but I can't do that every time I need the GPS.

I have talked to Samsung Support and tried everything possible, including had the phone "repaired" at a workshop. But they couldn't find anything wrong.

Have anyone here experienced the same problem, or have any idea of what is causing the error?