GPS coords. for search and rescue?


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Jul 17, 2010
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I was on a hike yesterday and a woman broke her arm. My Droid had died because I was trying record a stupid gps track and that thing drains the battery like mad. There were 4 of us, one went down for help while 2 of us stayed with the victim. Helicopter couldn't get close because of high winds, and they did not even see us. It was an ordeal.

I decided on a couple of things during all this yesterday. I want to buy a solar cell phone charger, I'll quit using the GPS to record tracks too, they're really not important.

But I want to know if there's an easy way to obtain current GPS coordinates from the phone so I can text message them to a family member, etc.?
I use handscent for txting and it has an add on in the market that will allow you to txt your lat long.

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Thanks for the quick replies! Oxymoron, that app is really sweet!! I installed it already, amazing how much info it gives, and the quick ability to share that info too, awesome - thanks!
Thanks, the only problem is getting to a place where there's reception to actually be able to send those coordinates. But it's certainly better than nothing.
Yeah, I hear you. I hiked to the top of a couple mountains in Adirondack Park, and never really got any reception. It's sad to see the missing posters at the trailheads. Looking down into the valleys after climbing a firetower at the top of a mountain, its clear to see why people are rarely spotted from the air. Nothing but treetops.
UTM coordinates on a droid x GPS

I have Backcountry Navigator and I can get UTM coordinates using that app.

Are there any other apps to get UTM coordinates?

Backcountry Navigator is a bit ponderous. It also crashes my phone if I try tracking.
Use google maps. Click on your location (blue arrow) and select share.

Maverick is a great hiking app. You can cache maps on your sd card etc.

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I would suggest a AA powered usb charger. They sell these online and at Best Buy, etc. I know they are bulky, but with 4 AA batteries, you can do a half charge or more of your phone. There are products that use built in rechargable batteries, but for me, the disposable AA's would make more sense. This would give you immediate power to your cell phone.

Not saying this is the best choice, but for reference on what I am talking about. Tekkeon TekCharge Mobile Power and Battery Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories Duracell Instant USB Charger with Lithium ion battery / includes universal cable with USB and mini USB,: Electronics