Got my Rezound


Dec 25, 2010
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Southern Indiana
Got my Rezound, Got a couple of questions. It had a Icon on the screen showing my Verizon Data usage, My Verizon updated, now Icon is gone. How do you use HTC Sync? I thought I would be able to move pics from my old phone when connected to a computer, but it dosen't seem to work that way, When I connect it says to install the sync software to use, but when I try to install it I get to a screen that says I must enable the Internet connection in settings and that requires $30.00 a month. I could just hook to computer on my old Droid ans access the SD card as a drive.
For moving pictures around I use dropbox. It works great and you can access them from any computer because it's cloud based storage. You can download the app and set up an account.

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You don't have to use sync..when you plug in to your pi choose disk mode access on your phone. It will mount your sd cards on the phone.

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