Got Here cuz I'm Trying to Evaluate Hotspot


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Dec 2, 2010
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If I don't download a lot of data to my home PC :iphone:, and don't watch cable TV, but DO use NetFlix for Instant Viewing (but would consider dropping that too and just getting DVDs), then why do I pay so much for my internet/cableTV, when I could instead get my internet feed to my home PCs through Droid X hotspot?

Does it work well? Would it work with my exisitng wireless router, or doe sthat become obsolete? Could I connect any wireless computer and printer in the house to my Droid X hotspot?

Don't really want to be a savvy phone hacker, so I guess rooting and tethering and all that isn't for me. I don't mind paying Verizon for hotspot, it isn't much, especially considering the savings from dropping cable/internet form MediaCom.