Got an OtterBox


Dec 27, 2011
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And its hideous... I'm a otterbox fan big but I got the Commuter for my HD Maxx and it's a huge case makes it like an old Brick.. Its bad. Its like the same size as a defender series. I had to order a new case off Amazon today from another manufacturer..
You may not like the size if the otterbox, but you can't beat the protection of the otterbox... my wife dropped a maxx screen first onto an 80 lb dumbbell, nit the rubber coated type either, and the phone was fine, it was in a defender...
I've had several Otterbox and I know what they are all about and this one is ridiculous... it more than doubles the size of the phone. Would expect that from a defender not a commuter.
About how thick is the maxx with the with the defender on it ?
Got my Diztronic case today and I like it but its defiantly not an otter box. If otter box redesigns there commuter and stream lines it I'll switch back but for now its going on the unusable shelf.