Google Wallet now compatible


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Nov 5, 2010
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So... I'd had the XDA modified Google Wallet on my beloved Galaxy S4 for a while. Then I took the upgrade to 4.3 and forfeited root in the process. Today, on a whim, I decided to try to install Wallet from the Play Store, so downloaded it. When I ran it, low and behold... it worked and allowed me to log in.

Is VZW slipping or did Google modify Wallet to get around their ban?
It did? When I tried to use it on 4.2, I got the incompatibility error message.

Why the sudden change on VZW's part?

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Oh OK. But why did VZW change their minds and allow it, or did Google pull a fast one?

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That's odd. The phone runs smoothly for me. You'd think it'd get at least a similar score to before.

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I'm on Verizon and it is not one of the supported devices according to the set up guide. But, after saying that, it is installed on my s4 with a pin #. I've not used it, yet, so not sure how functional it is, specifically talking about the tap and pay.

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Doesn't matter for me because I live in a time warp with no NFC readers in any stores.

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