Google Switching to New Payout System for Developers


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Dec 30, 2010
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Google has recently sent out an email to developers detailing some changes in the way they get paid. Apparently, they are changing to a different monthly payout system and they wanted to give people a heads-up that they may experience some headaches during the transition phase. Here's the full email below:

We’re sending you this email to let you know that Google Checkout is migrating developers to a new back-end billing platform over the next few months. During this time, you may see two payouts to your bank account each month instead of one. This is expected as your account is migrated to the new system. If you see a payout for less than you expected, please don’t be alarmed; it’s likely that you have or will soon receive a second payout for the remainder of the amount owed to you.

The two payouts should be initiated by Google on the same day; however, your bank may take a few additional business days to register the payout in your bank account. To learn more about your bank's turnaround time for electronically-deposited funds, please contact your bank representative. The two payouts will equal the amount of the total payout owed to you for payments you charged the month prior (but less any debits, such as chargebacks or refunds).

The Payouts page in your Google Checkout account updates 24-hours after a payout has been initiated by Google Checkout, and you can view the payout amount, schedule, and history by signing in at

As a reminder, Android Market developers are paid monthly on the second of the month or the next following business day if the second of the month falls on a weekend or bank holiday. To learn more, about the details of payouts please visit


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This seems a bit 'spooky' for developers, but let's cross our fingers that everything goes smoothly for them.

Source: via The Google Checkout Team