Google Plans to Launch a $100K Developer's Challenge Contest for Project Ara


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Dec 30, 2010
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For all of our enthusiastic, driven, motivated and committed developers in the Android community, your eyes might perk up at this. Google is planning to host a $100K Developer's Challenge Contest for their modular mobile smart-device, Project Ara. At the second day of the Project Ara developers’ conference which just kicked off this week, they announced the developers’ challenge. It will kick off in May and Google plans to run it through September. The grand prize will be $100,000 USD.

Official rules have not been posted yet, but here's a quote with the known details,

In addition to the first prize cash payout, Google says the top two runners-up will receive all expense paid trips for a small team of two or three people to a future Ara devcon along with hardware supplied by Google to be used to continue development of their concept. Google says the official rules will include both subjective and objective criteria, including the likelihood that the module can be employed in daily use and whether it is unique to the platform. Other criteria will include factors like novelty of the proposal, the quality and elegance of the tech implementation, the scale of the module’s impact, and potential for commercialization.

To participate, developers will have to submit an abstract describing their proposed project and a hardware loan agreement. Google, in partnership with Toshiba, will provide a free package that includes a Unipro bridge and field-programmable gate arrays. Developers will be responsible for creating their own drivers and any apps needed for testing.

Sound off if you plan on jumping in on this opportunity.

Source: TalkAndroid
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