Google Now Launcher Released on Play Store For Nexus And GPE Devices!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Google Now has quickly become a go to app for searching for a restaurant, finding out the score of a game, checking out the weather, and proving friends wrong! Its also great for making Iphone users feel like complete dummies when Siri just can't access the network or can't answer their question, or simply takes forever to do it. Google Now is even closer and easier to access thanks to the new Google Now Launcher which was just released to the Play Store yesterday. Top features of the GNL include Google Now on your Homescreen, swiping right reveals your Google Now cards helping you access just the right information at just the right time, just say "OK Google" when on the homescreen to ask your phone a question or to tell it what to do, faster search with the included search box, easy access to Google products like gmail, youtube, maps, larger viewing area with transparent status and navigation bars, intuitive wallpaper picker and more! The only drawback is that this will only work on Nexus Devices and GPE devices that are running 4.4 or better.

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