No More Google Play Edition Devices In The Google Play Store


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Oct 6, 2011
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Today marks the death of the Google Play Edition Device. The HTC One M8, which was the last remaining GPE device available in the Play Store, was removed today. This could mean one of a few things. Google could be leaning more towards assisting carriers in locking down devices. Another thing we might see here is the start of the Android Silver program which had been heavily rumored but never came to fruition. With Google becoming a carrier this might be the perfect time to see a lineup of Android Silver devices which are unlocked and developer friendly. Nexus devices have always been the developer device, and my hope is that Nexus devices will remain.

It could be that the GPE program just wasn't as successful as us nerdy phone modders had hoped. As much as I love to root and rom devices I can't say I have ever purchased a GPE device. I have purchased a developer edition device which turned out to be a disaster. The general public will not buy a developer edition device since they cost full price. Instead they will buy the consumer version and hope for root later. This means that the developer editions aren't popular which means that developers don't support them. Hopefully whatever is going on here there will still be options for modders.

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