Google Nexus Player Supports External Storage and USB Ethernet


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Dec 30, 2010
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Google's newest TV device, the Nexus Player seems to be starting off with solid success. Despite its current iteration missing a few desire features, for the most part people have been happy with the device, especially those who want to use it for inexpensive gaming.

Ironically, even though it is missing a few key features, like support for HBOGo and a some other things, it turns out it has some features that Google didn't focus on with their marketing materials. The new Nexus Player actually supports External Storage and USB Ethernet. This could be very handy for many situations, especially considering that it only comes with 5GB of useable on-board storage space (out of 8GB total).

There is one problem with this "feature" right now. There's no file explorer on the device yet. Despite that, you can still side-load using this option. Additionally, other USB peripherals seem to work with the device too.... even a mouse and keyboard.

Finally, when you plug in a USB Ethernet adapter, the Nexus Player automatically disconnects WiFi and starts running off ethernet. Very cool!

Source: AndroidCentral
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